Monday, June 6, 2011

Planting Late...As Usual

Between Mother Nature's harassing rains and waxing humidity and my energy roller coaster, I am FINALLY getting around to planting. Perhaps a bit late, but I'll have to do the best I can. Hopefully the heat and humidity (where the hell did spring go, by the way?) will force things to grow quickly. I'll save my early spring goodies for fall harvesting.

So, in my usual OCD overkill way, here's what I have in starter pots:

Sweet chocolate pepper
Napolean sweet pepper
Sweet Pimento Apple pepper
Purira Chile
Sweet pepper

Cinnamon basil
Dukat dill
Genovese sweet basil
Grandma Einck's dill
Giant Italian parsley
English thyme
Italian oregano
Italian flat-leaf parsley

Moneymaker tomato
St. Pierre tomato
Santiam tomato
Tall Vine Eva Purple Ball tomato
Black Cherry tomato
Querida F-1 tomato

Black eggplant

All the seeds are either heirloom and/or organic. I have no idea what kind of tomatoes I'm going to get from these--sweet or tart, meaty or juicy, thin- or thick-skinned, so it will be an interesting season.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to get out to the garden proper before the heat and humidity become unbearable and plant the direct-sow seeds.

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