Monday, June 15, 2009

Mulberries...Brought to You by Bird Dung

I was outside this evening, compulsively checking to see what growth today's rain brought, when I spied a nasty bit of purplish bird dung. Ick, I thought.

And then I thought, cool.

Because the purplish bird dung means that I have mulberries! Which means that soon my hermit crabs will be dining on mulberry mush and I'll be making mulberry freezer jam. I've never made it before, but I have all the ingredients for it. I don't have the patience for canning, so freezer jam it will have to be.

I also noticed that the cucumbers have sprouted above the grass clippings, so soon I will have cuke plants vining their way up the fence. The occasional cuke will make it into a cool cucumber salad or cucumber/tomato salad or pasta salad, but the majority of them will become freezer bread and butter pickles.

The food just can't grow fast enough for me.

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