Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Suggestions Needed for Ex-Pool Area

The house my roommates and I are renting once had an above-ground pool, which was removed long before we moved in. So we have no pool (which is okay, because it would be WAY too attractive to mosquitoes), but we do have a real eyesore of a spot where the pool used to be. Of course, the water and gas lines below the pool area were never removed, so I can't dig the spot up for gardening. Additionally, I'm guessing the ground in that area is probably rife with chlorine and other pool chemicals, so I wouldn't want to grow anything there anyway.

The question for you is this: what the heck do I do with this area? (Clearly, it will need to be raked.) How do I make it an attractive part of the backyard, which will be, in large part, a huge garden by the end of the summer? I'm entertaining any and all suggestions!


Aunt Nancy said...

I would suggest either a paver patio or low-level wood deck, but this is a rental house so you'd have to get approval from your landlord before you did anything. Also, since you are tenants any property improvements are the landlord's responsibility, so I wouldn't sink alot of money into any such project unless you negotiate some sort of cost-sharing arrangement with your landlord. But if you can do something along the lines of a patio or deck I have lots of great ideas on how to construct one. Let me know if you need help!

Michelle said...

Outdoor theatre space?

Seriously, we could definitely do something greek out there with some torches. OR maybe Macbeth? Huh? Sounds amazing to me!