Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Is Here (I Think . . . )

I am tired of playing hide and seek with Spring; I am ready to get my hands dirty, break up clods of slightly damp soil and breathe in the pleasant, earthy aroma. I want to pull weeds, plant seeds, and watch my food grow.

Of course, I have to decide where to plant the garden and actually till the plot before all the fun begins.

My fiance and I moved into a house last fall, and we have a 2-acre lot. The problem is in deciding where to locate the garden. Much of the yard is off-limits because it is either a retaining pond where cattails have taken over, or it is too-wet land that runs along and near the creek on the side of our property. But that still leaves a good amount of space for a garden.

It doesn't help that it has been raining a lot lately, which has kept me from breaking the tiller out. In fact, David got the tiller out this evening in anticipation of my using it tomorrow, since it is supposed to be a beautiful day. But suddenly, it looks like we may have a storm this evening, so the tiller is under porch cover, just in case.

Don't get me wrong--all gardeners appreciate the rain. After all, the recent rains have certainly brought beauty out of hiding; the jonquils are blooming and the trees are blossoming. Rain early on helps set the stage for a good farming season. It nourishes the grass and the microbes and other soil critters that are important for soil health.

But would a few days' break hurt? Just so I can get my garden started? Pleeeeaaaaaase?

How far are YOU in your gardening endeavors?

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