Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Surprises

When you move to a new home, you never really know what surprises you'll find. Of course, some of the surprises (air conditioner not working, rotted out window needing to be replaced, sinking shed) aren't terribly welcome, but discovering what the previous owners had planted is fun. I've enjoyed watching tulips and hostas and lamb's ears spring to life, and throughout the growing season, I'm sure we'll discover other surprises.

Surprises, for instance, like this little guy. We apparently have at least one frog-or-toad-critter living in the pseudo-river of our pond-thingie. As I was out photographing, I noticed some bubbles and, on closer inspection, realized that Mr. Frog was waiting patiently for me to notice him and take his picture.

And then I discovered that the previous owners apparently had a thing for flamingos, and found that two of the trees that climb the support columns for our patio overhang were sporting a flamingo apiece. (Admittedly they are cute, but they will be removed to a new home.)

I'll keep you posted on surprises as I encounter them.


Sharyl said...

I think you should name the little toad/frog guy "Marbles". When Raegan was younger, every animal she saw she said, "I think we should name him Marbles."

LOL! He's cute!

EnglishProf said...

Marbles it is! You can tell Raegan! LOL