Monday, August 17, 2009

The Best Melon I Have EVER Tasted

Neither hubby nor I were feeling completely healthy tonight (weather headaches), so we skimped on dinner. We decided we better eat the melon I picked up at Saturday's Farmer's Market, since the farmer had told me that is was "field ripe," which means, he said, that we needed to eat the melon within the next few days.

Oh. What. Heaven.

This Yellow Doll melon was like eating honey in melon form. The melon-y aroma promised sweetness, and that promise was definitely fulfilled! Imagine eating the sweetest, most succulent watermelon you have ever had...and then imagine sweeter. That is what the Yellow Doll tasted like! What you see in the picture is one-half of the melon (shortly after taking the picture, David and I devoured this half, too). It's small and round and has outside markings that are very similar to a watermelon.

I hope the farmer has more of these on Saturday, because I really need to get a few more of these before they are out of season.

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