Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy as a Cucumber

I was looking at my cuke vines yesterday and decided they were looking puny. I figured the couple of heavy storms we've had recently had pretty well decided the cucumbers' fate.

And then, I went out to harvest today. I expected a few cucumbers here and there based on the poor shape the vines were in, only to find 65 cucumbers! Everywhere I looked, I found two or three huge cucumbers! Apparently I will be in the pickle-making business for some time to come.

Additionally, I managed to harvest 6 more zucchini, 1 very small yellow onion, 11 Beefsteak tomatoes, and 1 Best Boy. It's time to turn my tomatoes into freezer tomato sauce. I found a recipe that sounds pretty tasty that I'm going to try. Provided that it turns out well, I'll be posting it for you.

Zucchini: 95
Cucumbers: 153
White Onions: 1
Yellow Onions: 2
Sun Sugar Tomatoes: 363
Beefsteak Tomatoes: 31
Best Boy Tomatoes: 19
Herbs: cilantro, mint, dill

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